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Partch, Harry - recordings

Private Recordings

U. S. Highball GME Recording Privately issued by Warren E. Gilson, Madison, WI, 1946. Contents: U. S. Highball (Version B) Performed by Students and staff of U. of Wisconsin, Madison: Lee Hoiby Kithara Christine Charnstrom Chromelodeon Hulda Gieschen Harmonic Canon William Wendlandt Subjective (singing) Voice Harry Partch Objective (intoning) Voice, adapted Guitar.

Ten Settings of Lyrics by Li Po GME Recording Privately issued by Warren E. Gilson, Madison WI, 1947. Contents: An Encounter in the Field On Hearing the Flute at Lo-cheng, The Intruder, I Am a Peach Tree, With a Man of Leisure, A Midnight Farewell, Before the Cask of Wine, A Dream, On the Ship of Spice-wood, By the Great Wall. Performers: Harry Partch Adapted Viola, Intoning Voices, William Wendlandt Intoning Voices.

Partch Compostions Issued (non-profit) by Lauriston C. Marshll, Berkeley, CA, 1951. reissued 1953. Contents: Intrusions: Studies on Ancient Greek Scales, The Rose, The Crane, The Wind, The Waterfall, The Letter, The Street, Vanity, Lover, Soldiers--War--Another War, Cloud-Chamber Music, Dark Brother (Version B). Performers: Ben Johston, Betty Johnston, Donald Pippin, Bill Snead, Harry Partch.

Harry Partch Trust Fund Recordings Plectra & Percussion Dances Harry Partch Trust Fund, 1953. Reissued: Gate 5 Records, Issued No. 4, 1957, 1962. Contents: Castor & Pollux (excerpts), Ring Around the Moon, (voice: Lynn Ludlow), Even Wild Horses (excerpts, voice: Allan Louw)Performers: Gate 5 Ensemble, Horace Schwartz Conductor. Richard Barnett, Ruita Churchill, Vincent Delgado, Robert Garfias, Henry Jaramillo, Lynn Ludlow, Harry Partch, Jerry Schimmel, Michele Slivka, Allen Smith, Marc Smith.

Oedipus. Harry Partch Trust Fund, 1954. Reissued: Gate 5, issued no. 5 1957, 1962. Contents: Oedipus (Version B) Peformers: Oedipus- Allan Louw, Chorus Spokesman- Pierce Murphy, Jocasta- Sue bell Starck, Complement of women's voices: Elizabeth Foster, Barbara Hyde, Ginger McFadden, Joanna Nakamura, Mary Whittier, Pat Wright- Tiresias, Herdsman- Harry Partch, Solos Sopr. passages- Elizabeth Foster, Priest- Edward Bode, Creon- John King; Chorus- Larry Dukore, Corinthian Stranger- Ralph Cook, Messenger-Gerd Stern; Clarinets Peter Dovideo, Julian Spear, Mario Ganio; Adapted Cello, Ellen Ohdner; Ad. String Bass, James Lenhart; Ad. Vla, Ad. Guitar. II, Harry Partch; Harmonic Canons, Mario Ganio, Emily Kirby Kithara, Ad. Guitar III- Jerry Schimmel, Chromelodeon I- Marc Smith, Chrom. Sub-bass-Pam Loughborough, Chromelodeon III- William Buck, Cloud-Chamber Bowls- Ted Lenhart, Diamond Marimba- Richard Barnett, Bass Marimba- Allen Smith, Gene Vittori, Marimba Eroica- Gene Vittori, Robert Garfias.

GATE 5 Recordings The Bewitched Gate 5 Records, 1957; excerpts reissued, 1962; reissued again by CRI, CRI SD-304, 1973; CRI CD-7001, 1990. Contents: The Bewitched (Version B) Performed by Ensemble from U. of Illinois, Conducted by John Garvey: The Witch- Freda Schell, Chorus Leader- William Olson, Marimba Eroica- William Olsen, Bass Marimba- Warren Smith, Bamboo Marimba- Thomas Gauger, Spoils of War- Michael Donzella, Cloud-Chamber Bowls- George Andrix, Diamond Marimba- Danlee Mitchell, Surrogate Kithara- Jack McKenzie, Harmonic Canon- Barbara Grammar, Georgia Mayer, Kithara- Sanford Berry, Jan Back, Clarinet- Warren Birkett, Bass Clarinet- Joseph Firrantello, Piccolo- Charles DeLaney, Koto- Carol Zuckerberg, Cello- Peter Farrell, Chromelodeon- Herbert Bielawa.

U. S. Highball Gate 5 Records, Issue no. 6, 1958 Contents: U. S. Highball (Version C) Performed by Gate 5 Ensemble, conducted by Jack McKenzie: Mac Thomas Coleman Instruments: Dick Borden, Melvin Britton, Michael Colgrass, Elizabeth Gentry, Danlee Mitchell, Harry Partch, David Reid, Melvin Wildberger.

Thirty Years of Dramatic Music Gate 5 Records, Issue A, 1962. Contents: Poems by Li Po (as recorded in 1948): A Midnight Farewell, Before the Cask of Wine, An Encounter in the Field, On Hearing the Flute at Lo-cheng, The Intruder, I Am a Peach Tree. Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales (as recorded in 1950) Intrusions (as recorded in 1950) Bless This Home. Ensemble conducted by John Garvy: Harry Partch- Intoning Voice, Ad. Viola; Vincenzo Prockelo- Oboe; Danlee Mitchel- Kithara, Harmonic Canon Joseph Varhula Mazda Marimba, Recorded in 1961, U. of Ill. By the Rivers of Babylon. Ens. conc. by John Garvey: Nina Cutler- Voice, Evelyn Garvey- Chromelodeon, Lyndel Davis- Kithara, Harry Partch- Adapted Viola; Recorded in 1961 at U. of Ill.

The Wayward Gate 5 Records, Issue B, 1962.Contents: U. S. Highball (as recorded in 1958). The Letter (recorded in 1950). Ulysses at the Edge (Version C). Gate 5 Ens: David Reid- Voice, Bar. Sax.; Dick Schleppe- Alto Sax; Danlee Mitchell- Bamboo Marimba, Cloud Chamber Bowls; Harry Partch- Diamond Marimba, Cloud-Chamber Bowls. Recorded in Evanston IL, 1958.

Revelation in the Courthouse Park Gate 5 Records, Issue F, 1962. Contents: Revelation in the Courthouse Park: excerpts. Performed by Gate 5 Ens. of U. of IL, conducted by John Garvey. Sony/Pentheus- Jeffey Foote, Mom/Agave- Freda Pierce, Dion/Dionysys- John Burt, Korypheus- Elizabeth Hiller, Cadmus- Coryl Crandall, Herdsman- Joel Klein. Plus choruses and instrumentalists, recorded at U. of IL, 1961.

Water! Water! and Rotate the Body in All Its Planes Gate 5 Records, Issue G, 1962 (Withdrawn by January 1963). Contents: Water! Water! (excerpts) and Rotate the Body in All Its Planes (excerpts). Performed by Gate 5 Ens. of U of IL, conducted by John Garvey: Singer, Speaker, Jazzman solos, Alderman in Fugue on "NO", John Garvey Arthur (the God of Rain) Indian Runers, Aldermen and Jazz men, Scott Meland Phoebus the Disk Jockey and Emcee, Alan Gossard Producer, Paul Cooper Clarence, Patrick Day Aquarius, Steven Allen Singer from Spoletom, Wanda the Water Witch, Jane Daily Water Crier, Alderman in Fugue, Nina Cutler Her Honour, Cynthia Schwartz Visitor from Alabama, Kathleen Roche Pura, Carolyn Burril Ladies Auxilliary, Helen Curley, Dianne Layden, Jane Daily, Kathleen Roche Witches, Lynette Barry, Janet Campbell, Elizabeth Coney, Geraldyne Jones, Carolyn Burril, Eddie Allen- Clarinet, John Ginther- Bass Clarinet, Cecil Bridgewater- Trumpet, Uni Thomas, Mark Cleghorn- Violins, Howard Osborn- Viola, Elizabeth Krohne- Cello, Edward Krolick- Bass, Donald Andrus- Chromelodeon, William Parsons- Percussion, Thomas Wardlow, Alan Davis- Castor & Pollux, Michael Ranta- Surrogate Kithara, Lyndel Davis- Kithara, Thomas Hall- Spoils of War, Danlee Mitchell- Diamond Marimba, Michael Combs- Bass Marimba, Arthur Schildbach- Marimba Eroica, Max Murray- Soprano Sax, Aaron Johnson- Tuba, Melaniusz Gienko- Trombone. Recorded at U. of Il, 1962. The Ensemble for Rotate the Body is the same as that for the Revelation in the Courhouse Park recording.

Commercial Recordings From the Music of Harry Partch:

Composers Recordings, Inc. CRI-193, 1964. Contents: Castor & Pollux (from Plectra & Percussion Dances, as recorded in 1953. The Letter, 1950. Windsong (as recorded in 1958) Cloud-Chamber Music (as recorded in 1950) The Bewitched (Version B, excerpts, as recorded in 1957) And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma.

Composers Recordings, Inc. CRI-213, 1967. Contents: And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma Performed by Gate 5 Ens. directed by the composer: Danlee Mitchell, Michael Ranta, Emil Richards, Wallace Snow, Stephen Tosh. Recorded in 1964-66 in Petaluma and Los Angeles, CA.

The World of Harry Partch. Columbia Records MS-7207 (Stereo), 1969; Quadrophonic version, 1972. Contents: Daphne of the Dunes Performed by an ensemble directed by Danlee Mitchell: Harry Partch, Frank Berberich, Gary Coleman, Dean Drummond, Richard Lapore, John McAllister, Robert McCormick, Todd Miller, Emil Richards, Michael Ranta, Linda Scnell. Barstow (Version D) Performed by an ensemble directed by Danlee Mitchell: Voices: Harry Partch, John Stannard, Instruments: John McAllister, Danlee Mitchell, Michael Ranta, Linda Schell. Castor & Pollux (from Plectra & Percussion Dances) Performed by an ensemble directed by Danlee Mitchell: Gary Coleman, Dean Drummond, John McAllister, Danlee Mitchell, Emil Richards. Michael Ranta, Linda SchellRecorded in Sept. 1968. Delusion of the FuryColumbia Records M2-30576, 1971. With an additional record entitled "The Instruments of Harry Partch."Contents: Delusion of the Fury, Instrument demonstrations and explanations by their creator. Performed by an ensemble of LA musiciansdirected by Danlee Mitchell: Harry Partch: Spoken Prologue and Epilogue, Adpated Viola, Harmonic Canon I, Linda Schell, Danlee Mitchell: Chromelodeon I, Kithara II Gourd Tree, Cone Gong.John McAllister, Danlee Mitchell: Blo-boy, Chromelodeon II Linda Schell: Adapted Guitar, Harmonic Canon II, Diamond Marimba, Bass Marimba, Koto, Mazda Marimba, Quadrangularis Reversum Danlee Mitchell: Cloud-Chamber Bowls, Spoils of War, Marimba Eroica, Surrogate Kithara, Bamboo Marimba, Crychord, Zymo-Xyl, Eucal Blossom, Harmonic Canon III John and Jonathan Glasier, Linda Schell, Danlee Mitchell, John McAllister: Hand Instruments, Bolibain Double Flute, Ugumbo, Waving Drum, Rotating Drum, Belly Drum, Bamboo & Eucalyptus Claves, Recorded in 1969, in LA.

New Music for Trumpet Orion ORS-7294, 1972 Contents: Ulysses Departs from the Edge of the World (Version C) Performed by a San Diego Ensemble: Danlee Mitchell: Diamond MarimbaJohn Grimes: Bamboo Marimba, Cloud-Chamber Bowls Linda Schell Pluth: Bass Marimba, Cloud-Chamber Bowls, Larry Livingston: Baritone Sax, Speaker. Jack Logan: Trumpet Recorded in 1971 in SD. Includes other compositions by Stravinsky, Ahlstrom, Erickson, Gaburo and Ernst.

Harry Partch - John Cage New World Records NW-214,1978 Contents:Intrusions: The Rose, The Wind, The Water fall, The Street, as recorded in 1950. Poems by Li Po: The Intruder, I Am a Peach Tree, A MIdnight Farewell, Before the Cask of Wine, as recorded in 1947. The Dreamer That Remains: Performed by an ensemble conducted by Jack Logan: Harry Partch: Intoning Voice, Narrator Mark Hoffman: Brash Musician Danlee Mitchell: Second Musician Jon Szanto: The VoiceKatherine Bjornson, Alexis Glatty, Michael Crosier: Chorus Ron Caruso: Gourd Tree David Dunn: Adapted Viola Dennis Dunn, Jonathan Glasier, Jean-Charles Francoix: Quadrangularis Reversum Randy Hoffman: Eucal Blossum, Mbira Bass Dyad Danlee Mitchell: New Kithara Emil Richards: Cloud-Chamber Bowls Jon Szanto: Ektara, Bamboo Marimba II Duane Thomas: Harmonic Canon II Francis Thumm: Chromelodeon Recorded in 1972 Includes a composition by John Cage.

Music of Harry Partch Composers Recordings, Inc. ACS-6001, 1985. Contents: The Bewitched (Version B, excerpts from the 1957 recording) Castor and Pollux (From Plectra & Percussion Dances, as recorded in 1953) Cloud-Chamber Music (as recorded in 1950) The Letter (1950) And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma (as recorded in 1964-66).

The Music of Harry Partch, Composers Recordings, Inc. CD-7000, 1989 Contents: Same as Music of Harry Partch record, but now on CD.

The American Music Theater Festival Production of Harry Partch's Revelation in the Courthouse Park. Tomato 2696552, 1989 Contents: Revelation in the Courthouse Park Conducted by Danlee Mitchell: Mom/Agave: Suxanne Costallos, Sony/Pentheus: Christopher Durham, Dion/Dionysus: Obba Babantunde, Hobo & Tiresias: Matthew Kimbrough, Mayor & Cadmus: Casper Roos, Korypheus: Olivia Williams, Cop & Guard: Rozwill Young, Chorus of Women: Mary Ellen Grant, Sylvia Burd-Leitner, Anne Lewis, Cynthia Marie Prioleau, Shoshanna S. Shay, Kathleen L. Warner. Chorus of Men: Frank Berry, Floyd Wesley Green III, Todd Cross, Milo Morris. Augusta Chesire, Randy Hoffman: Marimba Eroica, Robert Patterson, Robert Zollman: Bass Marimba, Jon Szanto, Bruce Shaffin: Cloud-Chamber Bowls, Howard Johnson, Bill Kerrigan: Bamboo Marimba, Jon Szanto: Spoils of War, Linda Schell-Pluth: Diamond Marimba, William Ghezzi: Kithara I, Anne Sullivan: Kithara II, Carolyn Mather: Harmonic Canon I, Karen McCabe: Harmonic Canon II, Russell Ferrara: Adapted Guitar I, William Newman: Adapted Guitar II, Howard Levitsky: Chromelodeon I, Andrea Clearfield: Chromelodeon II, Ron Liscomb: Cello, Steve Tanzer, Mary Burke: Piccolo, Tom Elliot, Scott Van Patter: Trombone, Bill Hughes, Scott Marino, Nancy Dowlin: Trumpet, Calvin Little: Bass, Brian Brown: Tuba, Linda Kade: Drum, Recorded in October of 1987.